Support & Donation

For 20 euros a month we can feed one family.

Dutch bank account: NL49INGB0005641822 (BIC: INGBNL2A) in the name of Stichting Asia Care Foundation

Contact information

Mailing address:
De Hennepe 212
4003 AK Tiel
The Netherlands (Europe)

Bob van Rijn:
Gijsbertus Hendrikus van Rijn
P.O. Box 144
Hua Hin Prachuap Kirikhan 77110


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Vision & purpose

The goal of Asia Care Foundation as defined in the statute states:

  1. The Foundation's goal is: proving help from a Christian belief grant, in every possible way, to individuals and groups of people in Asia.
  2. The foundation seeks to achieve its goal by the efforts of people, money or other means.
  3. The foundation is non-profit. The people who will be deployed do not get financial compensation.

Specifically, this objective is achieved through the efforts of Bob van Rijn in Thailand. He works here since August 2010 by the refugees from Burma. They fled their country for the military regime. Many of these refugees are now in Thailand along the Burmese border, from north to south. Aid agencies focus on the north of Thailand, while further southwards also refugees are present. They receive little or no help.

Bob lives in the midst of Thailand, in Hua Hin, about 225 km southwest of the capital Bangkok. Its help area is about 60 km towards the west from Hua Hin, in Pala - U and Pa Deng. There are hill tribes in Burma among others the Karen tribe. A number of families from this strain leads a Bible school there. The school attracts many Burmese refugees. Besides Bible study and music from this Bible school is also provided much-needed assistance.

Many families are very poor, such as a widowed mother of the family. Sometimes something is broken, someone is sick or they have a shortage of food. These people will then be aided among others by Bob. He will provide practical help. This is therefore indirect evangelization: to work selflessly for these people, he shows them God's love.

People of the Karen tribe

In order to fulfill the requirements of the ANBI-regulations we publice our multi-year policy document (Dutch language): and we announce here that the members of the board do not earn reward for their work for this foundation.