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For 20 euros a month we can feed one family.

Dutch bank account: NL49INGB0005641822 (BIC: INGBNL2A) in the name of Stichting Asia Care Foundation

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Mailing address:
De Hennepe 212
4003 AK Tiel
The Netherlands (Europe)

Bob van Rijn:
Gijsbertus Hendrikus van Rijn
P.O. Box 144
Hua Hin Prachuap Kirikhan 77110


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Bob is back in Thailand

Bob has arrived in Thailand in April. He now is in quarantine, however he will return to his home at the beginning of May. Bob: 'I just have a lot to do at home because of my absence which lasted 14 months in stead of 4 weeks.'

Step further in returning to Thailand

In mid-March, Bob took an important step forward in his attempt to return to Thailand. The Thai Embassy / Consulate in Australia has awarded him a 'Certificate of Entry' (COE). Bob is not the only one who is still not back in his own country a year after the outbreak of the corona crisis, see this article (dutch language). Bob: "There are now three hurdles to go: Check-in plane Sydney and Singapore. And immigration in Bankok is another point where things can go wrong." If all goes well, Bob will be back in Thailand at the beginning of May.

Bob back to Thailand?

Last month Bob started a new try to return to its residence in Thailand. There are many obstacles to overcome and it is by no means certain that it will work. "But I can't just sit and wait," said Bob. "I prefer to work with it with the risk of setbacks again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Bob went on a family visit to Australia just before the start of the corona crisis and was unable to return due to the restrictions. At best, he could be back in Thailand by mid-May. We will keep you informed via this site.

Newsletter Anniversary Year

The latest newsletter is available in English now. It has been sent to our contacts and stays available at page 'Information'.

New website content

Our website has been revised in January 2021. The tabs 'Testimony' and 'Support and Donation' have been updated. Further more the travel reports and the photo album have been assembled at the new tab 'Information'. The board's intention is to update the page 'News' more times a year by placing short news messages and photos. After about a year these will be moved to tab 'Information'. Enjoy reading!

Jubilee newsletter

The latest newsletter is currently only available in Dutch. Currently we are working on a translation. When the translation is ready, it will be send to our contacts.

Bob in Australia

After a family visit, Bob got stuck in Australia. The planned short visit was and still is a months-long forced stay. Fortunately he is lovingly cared for by family in Coffs Harbour. There they have horses, alpacas and other animals, so Bob is doing a good job cleaning stables, and shovelling poo from the meadows. Furthermore he has reinitiated one of his former hobbies, walking.


Newsletter spring 2020

The newsletter of spring 2020 can be found here.