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Bob's story

At the end of the summer of 2010, Bob van Rijn emigrated to Thailand. It was a huge step for him and he prepared himself thoroughly. This article tells you more about his adventure.

Before Bob joined the evangelical church in Tiel (the Netherlands) in 2003, God had put three Asian countries on his heart: Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia. Bob had never been to one of these countries, but he decided to visit them in this order and to decide afterwards which country he would choose.

His plans moved fast forward because of the emigration of the Mulders family to Thailand. Bob knew the Mulders because they went to the same church in Tiel. In February 2006 Bob went to Thailand for the first time. He stayed for three weeks: one week in Bangkok and two weeks with the Mulders in Hua Hin. Bob: "I was lucky they already lived there because it gave me the opportunity to do some networking and I could do some sightseeing in the surrounding area." With the help of this family Bob also contacted refugees in Pala - U and the bibleschool there.

After this trip Bob decided to travel to Asia twice a year to speed up the proces. The Philippines were the next country he wanted to visit, but Bob changed his plans. The Mulders family told him they would return to The Netherlands somewhere in 2007. Bob: "I thought I’d better do my networking together with them than on my own." So instead of traveling to the Philippines he went to Thailand again in the spring of 2007. At that time he also made his plans known to the members of his local church in Tiel.

Later on, the trip to the Philippines Bob intended to make was blocked again. Bob: "I woke up with the thought I had to visit Cambodia first instead of the Philippines." He surfed the internet to contact people there. Bob finally managed to find the telephone number of the father of a missionary in Phnom Penh, the capital (city) of Cambodia. However, the missionairy and his family had already returned to the Netherlands, but they could give Bob e-mail addresses of five other missionairies in Cambodia. He wrote each of them an e-mail in which he explained who he was and what it was he wanted to do in Asia. He asked them whether it was possible that he would come over and meet them. Three missionairies responded and told Bob he was very welcome. So Bob went to Cambodia november 2007. However, the talks he had with the missionairies made it clear to him that his heart was set on the refugees in Thailand and that it was no use spending any more time and money to do some research in the Philippines.

In May 2008 Bob went to Thailand for the third time. While he was there, a befriended missionairy phoned Bob. This man, Curtis Foley (Curt), was an American missionairy who worked in Pala - U and lived in Pa Deng. He was in America because of some health problems and to raise funds for his work he had to do. He told Bob the bible school was getting out of rice because he had to stay in America for a longer time than expected. He asked Bob if he could arrange to bring 500 kilograms of rice to the bible school. The list of groceries also contained shrimp paste, salt and oil. Bob managed a car with a driver and bought the rice after soing some negotiations. Bob: "After all, I had to be economical with what I had." He also arranged the other groceries and delivered everything at the school. His first, unexpected mission had succeeded!

Bob made the final decision to go to Thailand. The only he had to do was to sell his house and leave. But then the financial and economical crisis hit the world. His house was for sale for a very long time. In the meantime, in 2009, he traveled a couple of times to Thailand to get used to the country and its culture and to extend his network. It was a very useful time in which he learned a lot about the culture of the Thai people and the Karen tribe. In the Netherlands he was also able to extend his network in Thailand.

The final emigration date was made after he had sold his house. In the service of 22 August 2010 Bob said goodbye to the members of the church in Tiel. They sent him away with their blessing. It was a glorious service where a lot of family and friends were present, together with some Karen refugees who lived in The Netherlands. When in the future Bob is in The Netherlands, he will stay in his former house. That will be once a year, apart from special occasions.


In Thailand, more than 90% of the inhabitants are buddhist ( Bob goes to church with a international christian community. Curt also visits this church. An american, Mark Wimble, is pastor. At Fridays night 6pm they study the bible in English and Thai language and they have meal with each other. The sunday services are in a room of the Hilton Hotel of Hua Hin at 10am. This attracts also tourists. For more information, see

Blessing of Bob